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Picture: Sebastian Barsch
Sebastian Barsch

Sebastian Barsch is professor for history didactics at University of Cologne.


Picture: Emmeline Burdett
Emmeline Burdett

Emmeline Burdett is an independent researcher, writer and translator who is in the process of publishing a book on Anglo-US debates about euthanasia and the use of the Nazi analogy. 


Picture: Anne Klein

Anne Klein

Anne Klein is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Cologne.

Picture: Pieter Verstraete
Pieter Verstraete

Pieter Verstraete is associate professor at the Centre for the History of Education of the KU Leuven and curator of the Leuven Disability Filmfestival.


Editorial board

Gaby Admon-Rick, Bar Ilan University (Israel)
Monika Baar, University of Leiden (Netherlands)
Daniel Blackie, Swansea University (Great Britain)
Susan Burch, Middlebury College (USA)
Mercedez Del Cura Gonzalez, Universidad de Castilla-la Mancha (Spain)
Faye Ginzburg, New York University (USA)
Jan Grue, University of Oslo (Norway)
Stefan Sunandan Honisch, Banting Fellow, Department of Theatre and Film University of British Columbia (Canada)
Yoshiya Makita, College of Policy Science/ Ritsumeikan University (Japan)
Cordula Nolte, University of Bremen (Germany)
Geoffrey Reaume, York University (Canada)
Sonali Shah, University of Glasgow (Great Britain)
Matilda Svensson, Lund University (Sweden)
David Turner, Swansea University (Great Britain)
Anne Waldschmidt, University of Cologne (Germany)

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