Blinde und Kunst celebrates its 25th anniversary

By Siegfried Saerberg

I. Darkness as the womb of “Blinde und Kunst e.V.” (BuK)1 In the year 2018 the association “Blinde und Kunst” [BuK] - blind people and the arts - celebrates its 25th anniversary. BuK was founded in 1993 in Cologne as a nonprofit organization of blind, visually impaired and sighted artists, as well as blind or visually impaired people who are interested in the arts.

Leslie Ann Hewitt sings “Lilac Wine”, recorded 2013 in Cologne

© Blinde & Kunst.

BuK includes musicians, composers, writers, actors, sculptors and those who are just interested in culturally [de]constructing/presenting blindness in a new way. Its rise coincided with and inspired the beginning of the “darkness-movement” in Germany. By this term I mean activities such as “dialogue in the dark” and several dark restaurants and cafés presented and organized by blind people.2 Thus, guiding sighted people into the dark in order to get on equal terms with them was our initial aim.

We developed a dark …

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