Disability History meets Teacher Education

By Sebastian Barsch

One of the possible ways to spread findings of disability history and reflections on disability in past and present is to teach them in history lessons in schools. Therefore, it could be useful to familiarize aspiring history teachers with the oppurtunities and challanges of disability history for historical thinking during their studies.

In Germany, most people studying history on university level are going to be teachers later in their career. This post presents a selection of works by students in a seminar at Kiel University in summer term 2017. In total, the seminar was attended by 15 students. In terms of content, the students dealt with disability history on two levels: 1) as an independent scholarly exploration of a specific historical phenomenon and 2) with regard to the question how lesson material could be developed for history lessons in schools. Both levels are challenging. Among other things, because there is hardly any teaching material on disability …

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