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Winter break

Dear readers, We thank you for having read so many our contributions again this year. We will say goodbye to a short winter break and publish the next post in mid-January. We look forward to welcoming you here again. All the best, The Editors

Blindness and ‘The object of art-in-between’. Towards cosmopolitical encounters in museological settings

By Joyce Leysen    “ What I thought was funny … they didn’t see those little faces …” “No, they didn’t see them, they didn’t know. They weren’t quite sure what they were for, and you felt, oh this is a little face.” “And when she said that, I thought ‘Oh yes, look here, a little nose and …!’ and all of a sudden, the picture is more clear.” “Those are such interesting things I think, you can’t see it, yet, you can feel it.” (excerpt from conversation: three persons (with and without visual impairments) talking about their art experience in a Brussels museum, 2014, my  translation) The above quote comes from a conversation during a tour for people with visual impairments in a museum in Brussels (Belgium). Our group was, at that specific time, sitting in a separate room where the persons with visual impairments were allowed to haptically experience an ancient vase. Very much appreciated by the group. A dip in the museum's history shows that for thirty years already the