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Disability and video game culture

By Sebastian Barsch & Joana Hansen In May 2020, the announcement that a wheelchair-bound character would soon be included in the video game "Marvel's Avengers" went viral . In a way this is surprising because for various media there has been discussion for years about how to better represent social diversity. Even if these discussions have not led to people with disabilities being adequately represented in films, for example. What must be questioned, however, is which actors are chosen to portray people with disabilities. Sophia Stewart aptly writes : "The Oscars Love Movies About Disability, Not Disabled Actors". Video games have a similar impact on society as movies. They are now produced at similar expense, the computer game industry is extremely financially strong, and it can be assumed that computer game aesthetics have an enormous influence on the perception of many people. At a first glance, however, it seems that computer games depending on the genre