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I Am an Independent Blind Historian

By Alida Boorn, PhD Although I have been blind for two decades, I am new to academic Disability Studies.  For a number of years my primary area of interest has been North American Indigenous peoples studies.  My main areas of focus are Show Indian culture and transnational material culture.  I was introduced to Disability Studies by Dr. Miguel Juarez when he approached me to participate on a Panel at the October 2018 Western History Association Conference to be held in San Antonio, Texas. Our panel will research and present papers focused on Ageism, Ableism, and Advocacy. Dr. Miguel Juarez from the University of Texas at El Paso will serve as our Chairman; Dr. Robin Henry from Wichita State University will serve as our diversity expert; and Dr. Bonnie Lynn-Sherow from Kansas State University will serve as our Commentator.  I will offer my insight of what I can contribute to the history profession as a blind senior citizen just entering the field. As research for my Western Histo